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At the Institute for Finance and Entrepreneurship, we believe that one of the keys that distinguishes the successful, growing, sustainable business from the rest of the pack is one key trait - successful businesses take the extra time to analyze and evaluate their ideas and to plan their growth.


Creating Innovation
One of the keys to business success is to link the creative process of innovation with the entrepreneurial process of building a business.  At the Institute for Finance and Entrepreneurship, we can help you focus on how to generate ideas, how to validate these ideas as a business concept, how to turn these ideas into products or services, and then how to develop a strategy and plan to start a new business or develop a new product line within an existing business to market these products or services.


Growing Your Business
If you are a business owner, you know that two of the most important elements to growing your business are having a well developed plan for growth and having sufficient financial resources (i.e. cash) available to fund the growth of the business. 

The experts at the Institute for Finance and Entrepreneurship can provide the assistance you need to evaluate growth opportunities, forecast cash needs, and develop and implement strategies to grow your business or keep your business profitable and operating efficiently, even in the current difficult economic environment.


Business Planning
At the Institute for Finance and Entrepreneurship, we believe that up-front planning is the key to the success of any endeavor.  This is particularly true if you are starting business or growing an existing business.

One of the goals of the Institute for Finance and Entrepreneurship is to help facilitate the creation and growth of small businesses.  We are often called upon to assist entrepreneurs and small-business owners develop their business plans, analyze strategies, and develop plans for the growth and sustainability of their businesses. 


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