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Through the Institute for Finance and Entrepreneurship’s Finance Without Fear University, we are proud to offer a full spectrum of financial proficiency, planning , and business acumen courses for entrepreneurs and business professionals.

Our courses are designed to an understanding of the basics of finance and to provide the tools that will allow you to use finance to make more effective and profitable decisions for your business .

Financial Proficiency and Business Acumen Courses


A great way to develop the financial proficiency and business acumen necessary to succeed as a business professional, entrepreneur, or manager is to take the full curriculum of the Institute for Finance and Entrepreneurship’s Finance Without Fear University Financial Proficiency courses.

The Financial Proficiency program includes 6 course modules that are typically delivered over a 3-day training session.


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The course curriculum includes:

Listening to Your Business

In these difficult economic times, it is more important than ever to stay abreast of the changes sweeping the industry and the affect these changes can have on operations and viability of a business.  Listening to Your Business provides a series of tools and metrics that allows the business owner the step back from the day-to-day operation of the business and examine the current state of the business and analyze the the business to understand where your organization is and where its headed, and what you need to know or do if you are headed in the wrong direction


How to talk about finance so non-financial people will listen 

How to talk about finance so non-financial people will listen is not a course that explains accounting concepts or financial statements.  Instead it is a course that explains the role finance plays in the operation and sustainability of a business, explains why understanding finance will help your employees make more profitable decisions, and presents a series of effective techniques to engage your employees in the financial conversation.


Basic Financial Statements

This is a basic course on understanding the language and structure of the three primary financial statements – the balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and cash flow statement.  The course explains the content and structure of each of the financial statements, explains the differences between the statements and how the statements tie together and explains how accounting rules can cause profits and cash flow to vary significantly. The course content is based on the award winning book Finance Without Fear: A Guide to Creating and Managing a Profitable Business.  If you are an entrepreneur or business professional who needs quick understanding of the key elements of finance, this is the course for you.


Advanced Financial Statements

Once you understand the basics of financial statements, the next step is to understand how the numbers can help you manage your business.  Our Advanced Financial Statements course provides the tools that can help you analyze your business.  Through this course, you will learn some simple calculations that will provide a wealth of information about the efficiency and direction of your business, you will learn how to compare yourself to the industry and to your competitors, and learn how to identify and correct minor problems before they become major problems.


Growing Your Business: Projecting the Future

While a growing business is the dream of most entrepreneurs and business owners, growth is not without risks.  Many growing business fail simply because they fail to plan their growth, particularly the effect that growth will have on their profits and cash flow.  In this course you will learn how to develop and use budgets and cash flow projections as tools to analyze the growth of your business and develop strategies to assure that your growth is profitable.


Simple Metrics for Financial Management

This course explains how to use metrics to manage and report on financial performance, how to develop these metrics, and how to incorporate these metrics into the culture and processes of your organization.

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Organization and Program Feasibility


One of the lessons of the great recession is that it is that the future we see today may be substantially different when it arrives tomorrow.  Many businesses find that continual changes in markets, amongst their competitors, and within their industry are very difficult to predict and react to.  The world is moving fast, and if you are not watching and reacting, you may find that the world has passed your business by.

While you cannot predict the future, you can prepare.  The Institute for Finance and Entrepreneurship’s scenario analysis and sustainability planning courses provide training in the tools and techniques that can be used by a business to project different future scenarios and develop an understanding of the key drivers and risks of these future scenarios 


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The Course curriculum includes:

Looking Forward: Financial Scenario Analysis

This course introduces a toolkit that can be used to conduct financial scenario analysis for the business.  These tools can be used to evaluate the implications of future financial scenarios, and to study the effects on the business under best, worst, and most likely scenarios.


Is Your Business Sustainable?

This is a course for business owners, board members, and senior executives focused on a detailed analysis of how the business generates income, pays for its operating expenses, and generates profits.  The outcomes of this course are focused providing participants with an understanding of which products are profitable today, which products are likely to remain profitable, and of the internal and external risks to the business.



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